LAST CALL FOR CASE STUDIES: IAM – it’s all mediating International conference on curating and education in the exhibition context

IAM – it’s all mediating
International conference on curating and education in the exhibition context

30-31 May, 2012

Finnish Association of Museum Education PEDAALI
CuMMA – Curating and Mediating Art – Aalto University
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
SKY – Finnish Society for Curators

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

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Call for case studies 19th Dec 2011 – 31st Jan 2012

How do you mediate? Who cares for audiences and the content in your
museum? How do programming and education collaborate?

We are looking for concrete projects dealing with the conference
themes (please refer to the conference outline). In particular, we are
interested in hearing about innovative, alternative, imaginative ways
of arranging the work of curators and educators working together,
separately and side-by-side.

Within the general theme, possible questions include but are not
limited to: Division of labour, power and responsibilities;
Negotiating gallery space; Timings; The choice and the role of
artists; Texts; Stretching the museum’s conventions – what lines
cannot be crossed?

Do you have a perfect case where everything worked to the optimum? Or
could you share a fantastic project where every possible thing went
wrong – and you learned a great lesson? Or do you have an idea or a
dream that you have not been able to realise yet but would like to test?

Your proposal should include: A title, a brief description of the
project or programme, a statement of what is special about your
project, 3–5 keywords. The case should be clearly defined, as the
presentation time will be strictly limited to 15 minutes! Collective
presentations by an educator&  curator are welcomed, as long as they
don’t exceed the time limit.

Send a 250 word proposal, together with a short biographical
presentation to by the end of January 2012. The
results will be communicated by the end of February.

Please note that for the accepted presenters the conference fee will
be waived but they are themselves responsible for the travel and

For more information, please call PEDAALI on +358 44 3086552 or email


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