Daily Archives: 19 kesäkuun, 2016

Three most interesting things from this year’s MFA show:

  1. Niki Lindroth von Bahr: Bördan C & Hotell Longstay


Niki Lindroth von Bahr succeeded in what often seems impossible: creating something unique that is at the same time severe and hilarious, beautiful and uncanny. Börden C is a floating sculpture representing a suburban area with block buildings, highways and dystopia like emptiness. Rotating piece is terrifying in a calm and distant way, and totally catches one’s attention for a long while. Animation Hotell Longstay transforms into a complitely different world and atmosphere. Animated short film starring singing baltic herrings made me laugh out loud in an inappropriate volume, and I am still not totally over the experience. What made the piece so powerful and the herrings so real was the way they were dealing with the void and the nothingness of the prolonged hotel life and things that lead to current situation.


2. Tor-Finn Malum Fitje: The Mystery of Bird Navigation


83 minute film was too much for one visit, but can be found from Youtube and Vimeo. Film combines visual materia, music, text, art and research into a fascinating hybrid that explores the enigma of flying. While document format makes the film plausible, it’s content is poetic, touching and enjoyable.


3. Anna-Karin Rasmusson: UTSLAG


UTSLAG, a video installation in the dressing rooms makes the best out of the former shop venue, and as a truly site-specific piece it mixes the borders of past and present and the experience of the place. Anyone ever played Silent Hill can maybe relate to the sense of still recognizing the abandoned place to be a mall, but at the same time finding it to be something totally different, scary and potentially dangerous. Multiple monitors and projections show a grotesque figure proceeding disturbing acts. Sounds, colours and the content itself is strongly abjective, fascinating and revolting at once.


Collect Yourself exhibition was self-organised by 22 MFA graduates, and even if it wasn’t curated it was very well managed entity in an interesting venue in the middle of one of central Stockholm’s busiest commercial zones. Exhibition also included lectures, discussions, workshops and performances.

Anna Jensen