A glimpse at the actors in Swedish art scene during the trip to Stockholm with Finnish Society for Curators

The Finnish Society for Curators went for a trip to Stockholm to visit their local art agents. Despite the upcoming vacations we had an opportunity to visit several places offering us information about their activities, goals and financing.

Of these three Iaspis (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international program for Visual and Applied Artists) concentrates on Swedish art and artists locally and abroad, Magasin III on building interesting and high-quality exhibitions, and Färgfabriken more on art projects, international contacts and making a change in society.

All these actors have their own model of financing. Iaspis has government funding that enables them to concentrate on local art and it’s networking. Magasin III is privately funded and gives its curators position to express their views without constraints. Färgfabriken’s financial structure is diverse, financiers ranging from city of Stockholm to Nordic trusts and private companies.

What they had in common was that their target group is more or less the traditional art audience with Iaspis focusing more on art professionals. At Iaspis and Färgfabriken we learned that in their international networking they were heading towards the new upcoming centres of art in addition of the old ones, like London and Berlin.

Throughout our visit it became obvious that the respect towards art could be sensed both in the office and exhibition spaces. Art seemed to be well financed. It would be great to see that attitude to be adapted here as well.

Sanna Sarva

Tukholman reissu_IMG_20160610_200633



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