Daily Archives: 5 heinäkuun, 2016

SKY – Finnish Curators’ Association – travelled to Stockholm to browse the art scene there. The trip as such as well as the institutions in more detail are described in other blogs; See

But we didn’t only sit at coffee tables and discussion groups. We also attended 3 very very different Opening Parties and learned a lot from them.


The first was Tensta konsthall. This was really great. The exhibition architecture was superb and the art great too. There were quite many speeches, but these were held in the small hall so one could at the same time look at the main hall exhibition quite in peace.

There was served sangria all through the evening. At the beginning of the evening it was mostly (or only) juice and then more and more white wine. This was very nice, but the TRULY GREAT THING was the middle-eastern supper that was served at the square. Cooked by local small restaurants. Absolutely wonderful and plentiful in variety – and for free!

The second opening we went to was Moderna Museet and Yayoi Kusamas dot-art. There at the entrance we were met with requirements to prove right of getting in as half of Stockholm seemed to be there. This matter was fluently cleared by our director Maija K. by making clear just how important an association SKY is.

Inside it was all chaos. There was an endless que to the actual exhibition. So it was not an option to start from. Until quite late they served white wine for free and after that there was a bar outside – and a very beautiful summer night falling in. So we spent our time with each other and white wine until very close to closing time -22 pm -we could see the show.

I don’t maybe care so much for dots on canvas in different formations, but found a different kind of past-time  to go around photographing people who had come dressed in dotted dresses, shirts, ties… Here a small selection from the shots:


The third Opening was at INDEX and yet again very different from the other two.

This was a curatorial board choice of 6 young artists hung so that one could not really tell where one artist’s work started or ended. At first sight it looked like one show, perfectly joined and varying the same theme. Then we started to try to find out what was  whose. There were no title labels. The space was very clean of information  – and the work beautifully hung.

For a time we wondered where everybody was coming from with the title sheets and curatorial text – and the beers. Then we realized that the gallery had made the choice to separate office and gallery spaces entirely and for more information and beverages you had to walk around the corner. Very stylish, I would say.

There were one short speech and one long one – but both given with such good mood and smiles that one didn’t really mind 😉


So three very different ways to do it, none of them bad in any way – just very different.

Annu Wilenius