First impressions of Art Helsinki 2016

Art Helsinki is an art fair – or as their FB page says: International Event for Contemporary Art. It is an openly commercial art event and today it has a more professional touch than ever before. In my mind a proper commercial art fair is really what the Helsinki art scene needs. After relying heavily on the state subsidies and stipendia, the commercial side of the art field has been heavily neglected. We have too many artists who are not able to make a living out of their profession. The art field needs people who are willing to connect the artists with the potential buyers. An ta-da – here we have it.

Morning cava was well appreciated.

The attending galleries vary in style and quality but the overall feel of the event is professional. This year it has brushed up its profile and covers also an extensive program. I was delighted to see that art institutions have been working together – Frame helping out with the communications, Suomen taiteilijaseura (Artists’ association of Finland) are taking part in the program and in charge of some of the discussions.

Here is my picks for the event.

Juan Kasari was represented by 00130 Gallery. 
Sebastian Jansson was Paola Suhonen’s pick on the Signature exhibition. In Signature Finnish top names in design were invited to pick pieces that resonated with them. 
Designer Maija Uski resonated with Kasper Muttonen’s Utopia, Water.


Helsinki Contemporary introduced an application Artap. With this app you are able to digitally see how a piece of art would look on your wall. 


The event is on until Sunday and it costs 18 euros to get in. Art Helsinki runs simultaneously with Habitare, a leading event for furniture and interior design. Messuhalli is located 3 minutes walk from Pasila. See more about Art Helsinki at https://www.facebook.com/ArtHelsinki/

Maija Kasvinen


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