SKY is going to Stockholm!

SKY board is traveling to Stockholm in June to meet colleagues and to see what’s on on the other side of the gulf. Traveling dates are June 9th to 13th and we are staying at Freys Hotel, close to T-centralen. Program for these dates will be announced soon. Please PM us in FB or send us an email if you want to join us for the trip or hear more!

SKY After Work

28.1.2016 5PM

Two days for the first SKY After Work! SKY After Work is a new, monthly event where you can sit down with colleagues, have a drink and discuss in a casual setting. The first SKY After Work will take place in Ipi Kulmakuppila on Thursday 28th of January at 5PM. Nora Sternfeld from Aalto University will join us and tell about her background and practice. See you at Ipi!


Curators for Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP) have been selected


Frame Visual Art Finland and HIAP have announced their selection of four curators (Xavier Acarín, Adelaide Bannerman, Richard Birkett and Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza) to participate in the Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP) in 2016.

HIAP and Frame will both offer practical assistance, networking support and a critical context for the residents’ curatorial research and projects, while building contacts with art practitioners and cultural organisations in Finland.

More info here


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