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The Finnish Society for Curators – SKY Suomen Kuraattorien Yhdistys

The Finnish Society for Curators functions in the fields of arts and culture in Finland both on an institutional as well as on an independent level. The aim is to provide an ideological foundation for curators working in the field. SKY was founded as the result of a Nordic-Baltic schooling programme for curators organised by the Finnish Fund for Art Exchange FRAME. The need to strengthen the position of independently acting curators was evident especially in Finland.

SKY organises training, curates exhibitions both nationally and internationally, organises seminars and schooling for its members and other actors in the field. SKY also informs about external opportunities such as residencies, seminars, conferences and happenings on the international art scene. The aim is to establish and create a firm foundation for the curators working opportunities as well as able a better recognition of a curators work as an essential part of the art world. Via these actions SKY believes it can enhance curators’ ability to work more efficiently and on better terms.

SKY board 2020
Saara Hannus, Julia Nyman, Mariliis Rebane, Giovanna Esposito Yussif

If you wish to apply for membership in SKY ry, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/rFPsdxLfQQDqeUHt7

For more information, please contact: kuraattorit(at)gmail.com

The Finnish Society for Curators SKY ry


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